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Chasing Creative is all about how everyday people can make creativity a priority in their daily lives. We're talking to regular people who have insights and action steps you can take TODAY to make your creative plans happen. Whether you’re squeezing creative pursuits into your kids' naptimes or in the evening after working a 9-5, we're here to give you the inside scoop on how regular people are chasing creative.

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    S4E16: Get Unstuck: Troubleshooting Common Creative Pitfalls

    Do you get excited about a new creative project, then give up halfway through? Or maybe you don't think your idea is good enough to even get started? What if you get all the way to the end of a project but can't quite push through to the finish line? We all have individual struggles with actually completing a creative project. Today, Ashley and Abbie are hashing out some of the most common creative pitfalls and how you can troubleshoot them.

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    S4 E15: Dealing with Tasks that Drag Us Down

    Life is full of those little things that have to get done but that can really drag us down. If we let them, they’ll steal our time and our energy away from the creative pursuits that are important to us. Today, we’re chatting about all those small things that drag us down and our best tips for dealing with them so we can get back to our fun creative projects.

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    S4 E14: Trying New Types of Creativity

    We’re all trying to make room for our creative projects in our already full lives, so how do we approach trying new types of creativity? Do we even? Ashley and Abbigail chat about the types of creativity they’ve tried in the past, things they’ve picked up, loved, hated, and put down, and what new things they’d like to try someday soon.

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    S4 E13: Building Creative Habits

    We're not huge fans of structured creative goals, but we DO like building creative habits into our daily lives. In this episode, we're sharing how we cultivate creative habits and the tactics that do and don't work for us.

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    S4 E12: What Counts as Creativity?

    What counts as "real" creativity? Join Ashley and Abbigail as they explore the definition of creativity and how to define it in your own life.

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    S4 E11 Tracking and Setting Creative Goals in 2018

    Setting creative goals can be a whole lot of fun -- but meeting them is often a whole different story. Ashley and Abbigail chat about what their creative goals are for 2018 and how they plan to measure and track them. There’s a lot of discussion on what makes a creative goal a good one and how to choose goals when you’re just not sure what your year is going to look like.

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    S4 E10: Reading and Creativity

    This episode is all about books! We're chatting about how reading helps (and hinders) our creative lives, the books that have made an impact on our creativity, and the ups and downs of setting reading goals.

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    S4 E9: What Our Creative Spaces Look Like

    Every one of us dreams about having the perfect creative space: it’s got tons of natural light, elegantly potted plants, clear surfaces, and all of our tools within arm’s reach. This is far from reality for most of us, contrary to what Instagram would have you think. Ashley and Abbigail share what their real creative spaces look like, how they could make them better, and tips and tricks you may not have thought of to help you claim your creative space as your own and make it work for you instead of against you.

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    S4 E8: Celebrating Creative Wins

    Today's episode is all about creative wins: what we consider a win in our own lives, why it's so important to acknowledge our accomplishments (big and small), and our favorite ways to celebrate creative wins.

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    S4 E7: Creative Challenges

    It’s hard to work on your own creative projects. You have to find the time, the energy, and the motivation -- and those three rarely live on the same planet for most of us these days. One way to convince yourself -- or maybe trick yourself -- to prioritize your own work and make progress on your creative goals is to join a creative challenge. Ashley and Abbigail discuss the creative challenges that they are aware of, how they’ve helped them on their creative goals, and which ones they’d do again.

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